Start your healing journey with a complimentary sound bath session


Start your healing journey with a complimentary sound bath session


Start your healing journey with a complimentary sound bath session


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I am very impressed with the sound bath experience offered by Lisa Cooper. The combination of a comfortable and calm setting, with the warm and flowing sounds of the bowls, is transformative. I appreciate all sorts of contemplative experiences, from hiking to silent meditation. Her sound baths combine the best elements of both. -Anne Friday

Lisa’s sound bath was a beautiful, dreamy, and healing experience. My husband and I felt like we we reexported to another universe. It was so relaxing and peaceful and meditative. All of our stress melted away and we slept better than ever that evening. We can’t wait to have more sound baths with Lisa.

–Jane and Bob Matluck

I deeply enjoyed my sound session with Lisa. I could feel the sound frequencies bringing my awareness to areas of my body where there were blockages and assisting in moving these stagnant areas within my physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. My system went into a deep state of restfulness and I came out of the session feeling centered and rejuvenated. –Katie Grossman
I’ve attended Lisa’s sound bath numerous times and recommend it to anyone looking for a calming and transportive experience! The ambiance was very relaxing and I immediately felt more centered and rejuvenated for the rest of my day.” –Jillian Matluck

Lisa’s sound bath session was precisely what I needed! It instantly brought me a sense of ease, leaving me feeling remarkably calm, relaxed, and clear throughout the entire day! I highly recommend it.”

–Hayley Lieberman

Lisa gave me the privilege of a singing bowl meditation via Zoom. It was a remarkable experience for me. It’s hard to explain the array of emotions evoked by sound. I am so thankful for the introduction.


I had the good fortune of having Lisa Cooper lead me in a Sound Bath Mediation. She was prepared, confident, and helpful. The hour seemed like it was 10 minutes! I’m eternally grateful for her guidance and know Lisa is a gift to anyone who is blessed to have her help them. I slept so well that night!

–Cindy Gordon

I recently did a private sound bath session with Lisa and it was fantastic! She had me very relaxed and at ease in my meditation. I really enjoyed her use of the bowls themselves. I will definitely let her guide me again.

–Pam Eisenberg